Julia Borissova (Russia)
Julia Borissova (Russia)
Julia Borissova (Russia)
Julia Borissova (Russia)
Julia Borissova (Russia)

Julia Borissova (Russia)

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Title: <address>
Photographer: Julia Borissova
Date of publication: 2015
Publisher: Self published
Place of publication: St. Petersburg, Russia
Edition: First English Edition, 100 hand-numbered & hand-signed copies
Dimensions: 155mm x 210mm
Pages: 112 pages + 6 transparent pages

FotoFilmic background: FotoFilmic'15 exhibitor in New York, Vancouver & Seoul
Photographer Interview: FotoFilmic'15 Online ShortList Feature

About the book
"This project is an attempt to connect my past place of residence with my present self. When time is a barrier, I find identification with the past becomes more difficult. In my work I tried to manifest different possibilities of interaction between the surrounding space and the images arising in my imagination. This from the fear of allowing the disappearance of the space that memory is. This from the desire to show my dreamscape on a background of urban space, creating a visual model at the intersection of past and present."

- Julia Borissova