Benjamin Hampson (UK)
Benjamin Hampson (UK)

Benjamin Hampson (UK)

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Title: Gentle Turn, 2018
Print Size: 8x10 inches, Digital C Type Matt Print
Print Edition: 1/12 edition 
Collection: FotoFilmic ShortList Collection
Exhibition: FOTOFILMIC18 SHORTLIST SHOW (PULP Gallery, Vancouver)
Photographer InterviewFOTOFILMIC18 Online Feature

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About the artist: Benjamin Hampson was born in Hendon, London to an English mother and an Irish Dad. He first started photographing when he got his very first Bronica camera at the age of 14; began tampering around in a makeshift darkroom in the back garden. Having gained a BA photography degree at Middlesex University, he has been hungry in his drive to expand his knowledge and develop his ideas within the medium. He has had many publications and recently an eight page printed spread which he art directed and shot for King Kong magazine edition #02 2017, styled by IB Kamara. The next one out March 2018.

The 4th Edition of Solar Magazine September 2017 Art directed by Jamie Brunskill. Punkt Magazine in Milano October 2017. Showing Art pieces in the Life Framer Awards in Los Angeles and his ‘Hope’ Series Migration work in Switzerland.
 Art directing and photographing Fashion designer Nasir Mazhar’s prototype hat collection December 2018.

About the work: Gender and Body Studies:

Draw up a list of re-adjustments. A bucket list of desirable features.The pill is waiting – a pain, both inward and displayed. Do we greet each other without scrutiny? Never! The baseness of our prejudices clear for all to see. They want, without question, a love uncentered. Never timid or reticent. Give it to them. They hurt and feel no pain. I think this is all in their heads, but their body IS screaming.

It’s the body that paints the story. Shows who they are. Makes people judge them. They are looking. They are ALL looking. Should their visible rebellion stigmatise their souls? Our society moulds us, uncompromisingly, into the quintessence of conformity.

Now Insecurity permeates through my pores and drags me towards subservience. The tormenting desire to let those wet, fleshy, dominating crevasses swallow me whole is beguiling. I’m a slave to that which is ill thought of. I’m am locked in narcosis, cross my heart I hope to die.