Clara de Tezanos (Guatemala)
Clara de Tezanos (Guatemala)

Clara de Tezanos (Guatemala)

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Title: Por Maniobras Del Terceto
Photographer: Clara de Tezanos
Date of publication: 2019
Publisher: Self-Published (Design by Alejandro Cartagena)
Place of publication: Guatemala City, Guatemala
Edition: 200
Dimensions: 6.5 x 8.5
Pages: 118 + Hardcover
ISBN: 978-9929-787-42-1

About the book
By Clara de Tezanos

It is an exercise in drawing and memory, an exercise in drawing family constellations as free games that summon me when I intend to rebuild the plot about my mother, the belly button as the origin and the catastrophe that contains us. This book, with a labyrinthine spirit, it is woven based on spirality as a resource, an shaft articulated as an accurate and unresolved conflict, thus generating crossings of senses and recognizing contrariness through a compendium of characters. What is the third? What maneuvers? Fugitives from what?! Sometimes we are fugitives from something we do not want to see, also from what is not named, of what you don't want to see, what is seen and what is show without wanting to be seen. All this encounter as a representation of a duel, of a rupture that raises symbolic rhythm connections, an infinite trigone that forces me to face an event that remains in mystery and I will always feel like a kind of espionage.