Damian Seagar (Australia)
Damian Seagar (Australia)
Damian Seagar (Australia)

Damian Seagar (Australia)

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Title: A Quiet Continent
Photographer: Damian Seagar
Date of publication: 2016
Publisher: Self-Published
Place of publication: Sydney, Australia
Edition: N/A, hand signed & dated by the artist
Dimensions: 10 x 8 inches
Pages: 76 + Hardvover

About the book

A collection of moody and quiet Australian Landscapes shot on 35mm film.

About the artist

Damian has been proudly and exclusively shooting film for almost 20 years, often being calling a ‘stubborn purist’ as he has never used a digital camera. He loves the slow, careful process and discipline of using film; taking only one photograph of something and learning from his mistakes, often not discovered ’til weeks later when the film is processed. He enjoys travelling on his own in no particular direction to see where the road and his eye takes him. These images are the product of many road-trips and unplanned adventures.