David Falco (France)
David Falco (France)
David Falco (France)

David Falco (France)

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Title: "Paysage Lacustre", 1810-2015. From the series "Meanwhile, after Caspar David Friedrich, 1774-2015"
Print Size: 13 x 8.75 inches LighJet C-print on Kodak Premier Endura SP 223 paper (Satin)
Print Edition: 1/3 edition + 2 AP, hand-signed by the artist
Collection: FotoFilmic Collection
Exhibition: FOTOFILMIC17 WINTER SHORTLIST SHOW (PULP Gallery, Vancouver)
Photographer InterviewFOTOFILMIC17 Online ShortList Feature

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Born in France in 1978, David Falco graduated from the École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Montpellier. As a librarian at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie, he discovered the collection’s gems, particularly reproductions of Japanese photographers. In 2002, an encounter with a fashion photographer led to him working at a studio in Paris as a photo assistant, an assistant photographer, and then as a digital operator and technical advisor.
For more than ten years, he has been thinking about our relationship with the world and especially our understanding of space, nature, and landscape. The photo series « Spitzberg 78° 15’ N 16 ° E »(2008, Kodak Critics’ Award) and « Sad Landscape » depict areas that we still freely associate with untouched nature spared or protected from human activity. Exploring these areas on foot allowed him to photograph marginal spaces, different from those we live in and observe each day, where the human time we know is set against immeasurable geological time.
These days he is interested in « humanized landscapes » whose arrangement persists in time and space. Representative of industrial modernity, these sprawling arrangements reveal their uses just as much as they characterize our modes of being in the world. His photo research has lead him to create the serie « Meanwhile, after Caspar David Friedrich, 1774-2015 ».
Since 2010, he has taught photography at the École d’Arts Plastiques and University of Poitiers (France).

Other Related Exhibition: FOTOFILMIC17 TRAVELING EXHIBITION juried by Larry Fink, Roger Ballen, Raymond Meeks, Valérie Cazin (Galerie Binome), Barrie Mowatt (Vancouver Biennale), Ashlyn Davis (Houston Center for Photography) and Kosmas Pavlidis (Stereosis). This work will be presented in New York, Paris, Vancouver & Thessaloniki in 2018.