Florian Bong-Kil Grosse (Germany)
Florian Bong-Kil Grosse (Germany)
Florian Bong-Kil Grosse (Germany)

Florian Bong-Kil Grosse (Germany)

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Title: Hanguk
Photographer: Florian Bong-Kil Grosse
Date of publication: 2015
Publisher: Self-Published
Edition: 750
Dimensions: 21 x 25,5cm / 8.27 x 10.04 inch
Pages: 80+8 pages
ISBN: 978-3-00-049645-5

FotoFilmic background: FOTOFILMIC18 SHORTLIST II
Photographer Interview: FOTOFILMIC18 Interview

About the book

Hanguk is less the documentation of a country and its inhabitants. Rather, for me the work is a pictorial description of a place that belongs to my own wholly personal imagination. It is the attempt to bring the images of external reality into agreement with those of inner reality. Thus, I don’t look at otherness; I don’t look at that which separates me from the world of my previous experience. What I found in Korea is much more a sense of the alien and yet strangely familiar.