Florian Bong-Kill Grosse (Germany)
Florian Bong-Kill Grosse (Germany)

Florian Bong-Kill Grosse (Germany)

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Title: Untitled (Nakwon #35), from the series Insomnia, 2017
Print Size: 35,6 x 29cm, Archival Pigment Print 
Print Edition: 1/5 edition + 2 AP
Collection: FotoFilmic ShortList Collection
Exhibition: FOTOFILMIC18 SHORTLIST SHOW (PULP Gallery, Vancouver)
Photographer InterviewFOTOFILMIC18 Online Feature

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About the artist: Florian Grosse is a german photographer with korean background living in Berlin. He was send for adoption to Germany when he was still young and returned to his birthcountry in 2011 for the first time. Since that time he has worked on different projects related to his experience in Korea.  His works are more associative than following documentative traditions. His observations of everyday life are dealing with the perceptions of inner versus outer reality, identity formation as well as urban space, nature, the body and the gesture.

About the work:  "Insomnia". These photographs were taken at an intersection located under a music-mall in Jogno-district of Seoul. Intersections are non-places. Their only function being the wait and the transit; they are almost atemporal. But here and only for a short moment the light reaches the people waiting and passing, and transforms this public place into a stage for a spontaneous performance. The setting shines a spotlight on the choreography of an insignificant moment of waiting. Although set in public space, with subjects brutally exposed by light, the images manage to capture intimate moments. The camera frames and reveals the microscopic movements and unconcious gestures of the passer-by: The gaze on the person next to you… the driving of a hand through the hair… a cheek resting on a shoulder… The work seeks a proximity that appears antithetical to this public situation. It brings up questions about our perception of public and private space.

Other Related Exhibition: FOTOFILMIC18 TRAVELING EXHIBITION juried by Joachim Brohm, Greg Girard, Barrie Mowatt, Joachim Naudts, Heather Snider and Jeong Eun Kim. This work will be presented in San Francisco, Vancouver and Seoul in 2019.