Jonathan Cuadros (Germany)
Jonathan Cuadros (Germany)
Jonathan Cuadros (Germany)

Jonathan Cuadros (Germany)

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Title: Lichtquellen
Photographer: Jonathan Cuadros
Date of publication: 2017
Publisher: Pogo Books
Place of publication: Berlin, Germany
Edition: First Edition, hand signed & dated by the artist
Dimensions: 280 x 200 mm
Pages: 48 + 4 folds
ISBN: 978-3-942547-59-8

About the book
Popularly a standard-bearer for freedom in post-cold war Europe as well as broiling youth culture Mecca, the Berlin in “Lichtquellen” is a black-and-white ghost town. In this visual diary, monuments, balloon animals, and passersby are transfigured by the “dark grainy abyss that one can only find in the city’s notorious winter tristesse” into alternating signifiers of isolation, hope, and sometimes humor. Cuadros’ debut collection displays a blend of shadowy urban nightscapes, candid portraiture, and off-the-cuff snaps as he explores the visual poetics of (film) photography.