Laura Hospes (Netherlands)
Laura Hospes (Netherlands)
Laura Hospes (Netherlands)

Laura Hospes (Netherlands)

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Title: UCP
Photographer: Laura Hospes
Date of publication: 2016
Publisher: Lecturis
Place of publication: Eindhoven, Netherlands
Edition: 1000, hand signed & dated by the artist
Dimensions: 240 x 190 mm
Pages: 84 + hardcover
ISBN: 978-94-6226-190-7

FotoFilmic background: FOTOFILMIC17 WINTER SHORTLIST SHOW Exhibitor
Photographer Interview: FOTOFILMIC17 Interview

About the book

UCP van Laura Hospes appeared on September 23 during Unseen 2016, Amsterdam. On 1 April 2015, Laura Hospes found herself in the UCP, a psychiatric ward of the hospital, after a suicide attempt. From the very first day she kept a visual record of herself with her camera, because talking was simply too difficult. With her monochrome, high contrast photos she shared her story with the world around her, which helped her to feel less lonely. The period, that lasted over eight months, resulted in an extended series about a young woman teetering on the brink of a conscious death. Laura decided to make a book of the series, to let the world see and more importantly feel her story. And so the book UCP was created, 1.5 years after this first suicide attempt. This book is one of the Best Dutch Book Designs 2016.

About the artist

Laura Hospes (Wageningen, The Netherlands, 1994) has been capturing her own self with the camera since the tender age of 16, out of a need to connect with people. Inspired by the magical work of Francesca Woodman, the black and white portraits of Stephan Vanfleteren and roughness of Sanne Sannes she evolved her own signature. Currently living in Groningen, The Netherlands she is still working hard to get a better person and photographer every day. 
While still studying at the Photoacademy she started her career with a boost by winning the Emerging Talent Award from LensCulture. The media picked up her story and within a flash her photos were on the front page of The Huffington Post, The Daily Mail, Yahoo and many more. Ever since she works hard to maintain that high set standard, but in a leisurely pace trying to balance it besides her therapies and hospitalisations. 
In the mean time she graduated ‘With Honor’ at the Photoacademy and is she proudly represented by Kahmann Gallery, which shows her works on both national and international exhibitions and fairs. 
As a closure of a difficult period of time, she created the book UCP, named after the psychiatric ward she had to stay. The book is published by Lecturis Publishers and is for sale at the bookstores and online.