Lucia Peluffo (Argentina)
Lucia Peluffo (Argentina)
Lucia Peluffo (Argentina)

Lucia Peluffo (Argentina)

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Title: Somos Unos. Somos Dos.
Photographer: Lucía Peluffo
Date of publication: 2016
Publisher: Self-Published (Morsa Studio)
Place of publication: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Edition: 250, hand-numbered & hand-signed copies
Dimensions: 10.5 x 8 inches
Pages: 66 + cover
ISBN: 978-987-42-0595-7

FotoFilmic background: FotoFilmic'17 entrant

About the book
Autobiographical book showing the author’s relationship with her couple. It shows different aspects of a “love story”. How loneliness can appear after a choice we make, in a search for tranquility, a need to explore, a separation from that world that surrounds you from which you do not want to be influenced. How there is a need of complicity to make things work. It shows the evolution of a couple under formation, and what happens when they choose to be “alone together”. They become one, and disappear, being now different, no longer composed by the sum of those two.

Lucia Peluffo was born in Buenos Aires, in 1989. An industrial designer (University of Buenos Aires) and photographer, she studied in Argentina, Spain and France. 
Her series “Isabel” was published this year by Camera magazine (France), who also published “Somos uno. Somos dos.” (We are one. We are two.) in 2015. The latter, exhibited in the Night of Photography in the Tbilisi Photo Festival 2016 (Georgia) and the Tokyo International Foto Awards 2017 (TIFA).
In June 2016 she self-published her first book on this last series, finalist of the Encontros da Imagem (2016, Braga, Portugal). Articles about it were published in La Nación newspaper (Argentina), and in international websites from France, Ireland, England and Austria, and in Monovisions, LensCulture and Self Publish Be Happy.
Selected for the Portfolio Reviews from FoLa (Fototeca Latinoamericana), finalist at the Francisco Ayerza Photography Awards (2016) and winner of the third prize on portfolio fine art at the TIFA.
This year she had her first solo exhibition “Igual de nuevo”, curated by Lena Szankay, at the Alliance Française in Buenos Aires, after being selected in their anual call for submissions Visual Arts. This exhibition will now travel to the University of Buenos Aires, and later to Casa Florida Gallery (Buenos Aires). Today she works as a designer and photographer, and teaches black and white photography in there own darkroom in Buenos Aires.