Natasha Lavdovsky (Canada)
Natasha Lavdovsky (Canada)
Natasha Lavdovsky (Canada)

Natasha Lavdovsky (Canada)

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NATASHA LAVDOVSKY (Victoria, BC, Canada)

Title: 'Impermanence (Untitled #1)', 2016
Print Size: 10 x 14 inches Archival Pigment Print
Print Edition: 1/10 edition, hand-signed by the artist
Collection: FotoFilmic ShortList Collection
Exhibition: FOTOFILMIC17 SPRING SHORTLIST SHOW (PULP Gallery, Vancouver)
Photographer InterviewFOTOFILMIC17 Online ShortList Feature

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Natasha Lavdovsky is a visual artist/photographer from Victoria, BC, Canada. Growing up on an island between the beach and a lake, in the traditional unceded Coast Salish territory (of the Tsawout Nation), Natasha has witnessed the gradual conversion of wild ecosystems into housing developments, and the transformation of flourishing marine environments into dead-zones. The effects of time, chaos, natural processes, colonialism and the interconnections between her natural environment and cultural identity is a core element informing her work. After studying Visual Arts, Geosciences, and Art History at Princeton University, Natasha worked and lived in New York City. Following this, as a breath of fresh air and reconnection to the reality of the wilderness, she moved to Haida Gwaii where she began to develop new artistic methodologies with the hopes of causing minimal negative effect on the environment. She now lives in Victoria, BC.