Peter Croteau (USA)
Peter Croteau (USA)

Peter Croteau (USA)

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Title: "3-18-15, Blue Pine Peak Looking Southeast"
Print Size: 11 x 14, Archival Pigment Print Mounted on Sintra
Print Edition: 1/15 edition + 2 AP
Collection: FotoFilmic ShortList Collection
Exhibition: FOTOFILMIC18 SHORTLIST SHOW (PULP Gallery, Vancouver)
Photographer InterviewFOTOFILMIC18 Online Feature

Ships as: Print mounted on Sintra, unframed

About the artist: Peter Croteau was born in Boston, MA in 1988. Moving many times through various tract house suburbs as a youth gave him a further understanding of the differences and similarities in the landscape across the USA. He became most interested in the concepts of the in-between and the sublime in the landscape and how the two may intersect. He considers himself to be an explorer of mundane spaces looking to transform the everyday into something otherworldly through the use of 8×10 and 4×5 view cameras. Peter received his Masters of Fine Arts in Photography from Rhode Island School of Design in 2012 and his Bachelors of Science in Photography from Drexel University in 2010. He currently lives in Philadelphia, PA.

About the work: An interglacial period is one of warming after an ice age. The current geological epoch, known as the Holocene, is an interglacial period that began about 11,700 years ago. The photographs in this series explore a single space that evolves over the course of one winter. The changes that occur from photograph to photograph function as visual metaphors for global warming and the effect this warming has upon the frozen landscape.

​Through the burning of coal and fossil fuels that intensify the greenhouse effect, Humans have accelerated this rate of warming. Some have even suggested we are living in a new era, the Anthropocene, an epoch that has been proposed to have began in the mid 20th century with a significant increase in human impact upon Earth’s climate. The latter part of this series seeks to show a transition from a natural warming state into one that has been deeply affected by human influence. The snow becomes blackened and from its melted depths the remnants of waste become visible.

Other Related Exhibition: FOTOFILMIC18 TRAVELING EXHIBITION juried by Joachim Brohm, Greg Girard, Barrie Mowatt, Joachim Naudts, Heather Snider and Jeong Eun Kim. This work will be presented in San Francisco, Vancouver and Seoul in 2019.