Shawn Campbell (USA)
Shawn Campbell (USA)
Shawn Campbell (USA)

Shawn Campbell (USA)

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Title: Get Some
Photographer: Shawn Campbell
Date of publication: 2016
Publisher: Self-Published
Place of publication: Athens, GA, USA
Edition: 50
Dimensions: 305 x 222 mm
Pages: 95 + insert

About the book
One day I told myself that I needed to document our lives. There is something different about us. A simple 35mm point-and shoot camera with a built-in flash helped me document the critical moments that were occurring in and around my life. I just started shooting rolls and rolls of film. By capturing the habits, associations, indecencies, deviances, and freedoms we have experienced, I am able to record the moments that define us. The photographs are crude and raunchy but show a experience that can’t be displayed in any other way.

- Shawn Campbell