Shawn Campbell (USA)
Shawn Campbell (USA)
Shawn Campbell (USA)

Shawn Campbell (USA)

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Title: Get Some
Photographer: Shawn Campbell
Date of publication: 2016
Publisher: Self-Published
Place of publication: Athens, GA, USA
Edition: 50, hand signed & dated by the artist
Dimensions: 305 x 222 mm
Pages: 95 + insert

About the book

One day I told myself that I needed to document our lives. There is something different about us. A simple 35mm point-and shoot camera with a built-in flash helped me document the critical moments that were occurring in and around my life. I just started shooting rolls and rolls of film. By capturing the habits, associations, indecencies, deviances, and freedoms we have experienced, I am able to record the moments that define us. The photographs are crude and raunchy but show a experience that can’t be displayed in any other way.

- Shawn Campbell

About the artist

Shawn Campbell is a artist located in the Southeast United States. He is a MFA candidate at The University of Georgia and has earned a BFA from The University of Akron. His work explores the interactions, bounds, habits, and values of people who have come from different backgrounds, goals and beliefs. He is attracted to the interactions, experiences and lives that bring groups of people together. By documenting and participating Shawn is able to bring an authentic experience to his viewers.